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Educate you on all things nutrition & movement in a welcoming community to give you a fitter, stronger, freer moving body and mind.


Happy, healthy, confident parents raise happy, healthy, confident families. Our services, products & network of allied professionals exist to Boost Energy, Maximise Strength & Enable Freedom to do what you love with who you love most. See for yourself & enjoy your value packed 14 day trial below.


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Many talk about how good they are, but few walk their talk.
Our goal is not to tell you how good WE are, but provide a fun, educational setting where you see how great YOU are!
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Whatever aspect of your life you want to perform better in we have you covered. Our movement programs comprise of breathing, stability, mobility, strength, endurance and power to ensure you feel energised, strong, free and confident in your everyday movements. We believe that what you can achieve within physical movement transcends into all areas of life and is the basis of all we do. When we move freely we remove negative thoughts, pain, injury and disease and empower ourselves to make better nutritional choices based on our improved mindset, as we now feel great as does everyone we come in contact with.

Sometimes to inspire we must 1st perspire.


Life has become all but existing and we at GTL believe that we are here to not only survive but thrive, whilst giving others a high five. Health is our gift as humans, as is our ability to have fun with it; it should not have to be sold or feared but embraced and loved and that is why our favoured semi private sessions are so popular particularly the warm up games. They are dynamic, functional and guaranteed to rid any frustrations and anger you may have prior to coming in. Our community spirit is infectious and we are proud to say our sessions have everyone smiling throughout and they leave looking forward to the next session as they know they will build muscle and lose fat all whilst enjoying themselves, which helps reduce other areas of stress.

Pain Free

Forget the saying No pain, no gain as PAIN + PAIN = PAIN. Period! NOT fun for anyone. If your body is neglected your performance will be rejected. This is why mobility and stability is the foundation of our performance component. However, if you overdo it and your mind, body and soul need pain management, we offer unique, alternative body treatments to restore balance and function. Recovery and recuperation are the keys to success with prevention being the best cure. We recommend healthy practices such as: box breathing, meditation, self-myofascial release, wholefood nutrition and bodyweight movements as daily rituals to create small positive habits which lead to huge lifelong change.

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The healer doesn’t have the power, YOU do!

Luminescence by Sam Reid, book here http://bit.ly/2pQIcK5 Having yet another chat with a client today about their own personal ability to heal, it got me thinking. How often do we relinquish our own personal power in all areas of our lives to others because we think... read more

Top 10 Health Supplements

There are no magic supplements for fat loss. Period!
Today’s nutritionally depleted world however requires proper supplementation for wellness.

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Success Stories

I started Personal Training with Mark because I spent a year of training with no actual progress. If it wasn’t for him, I would never have come close to my weight loss goal. He provided me with the push I needed, making sure I not only met my targets on the scale but educated me on what readings I should be focussing on to keep…

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Taryn Van Gramberg

Fitness Representative

From an unhealthy thin 24% body fat to an extremely healthy fit and toned 15% body fat is the transformation I have had thanks to Mark’s continued support and motivation. It’s not always about how you look on the outside but more importantly what’s going on in the inside and up until recently this is something I did not realise the importance of; as my diet consisted of fizzy juice, junk food and too much alcohol…

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Stacey Hunter

Primary School Teacher

Mark is an amazing trainer who cares about each of his clients. When I first started training with him I was self conscious, unmotivated and I had endless trouble with my energy levels. Mark pushed me to my limits and beyond and showed me that, with hard work and perseverance, I can achieve great things…

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Nicole Weller

Early Childcare Assistant

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Challengers!! Are youuuuu ready??! 👊👊
To take your health by the proverbial balls and commit to being FITTER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER in body and mind?? ☯️

A fast and furious HIIT style Boxing session like this is just one of the many programs on offer in our upcoming 6 Week Challenge!
Not only will you get UNLIMITED weekly access to ALL of our group fitness classes, but you will also be provided with the tools to:
😴SLEEP better
☮️RECOVER faster
🥑Make informed NUTRITIONAL choices
✅Remain ACCOUNTABLE for your actions

And BEST OF ALL!! These resources have all been compiled in a way that allows you to break the quick-fix-curse and make LASTING lifestyle changes.

If this floats your boat, book in your preferred time for our initial discovery call below; or feel free to call or email me direct (details on the page) I look forward to helping you take the next step to better health, Coach Grace ✌️
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