Our Top 3 Principles:



To not only know but apply, adding value to our lives by being current and relevant.


To give & receive unconditional love; healthy & free to spend our lives with those who matter most.


To be holistically aware & connected to industry leaders, promoting empowerment & longevity.

The Problem
We live in a very time poor society where we are under constant stress; physical, nutritional, emotional and mental stress at home, at work, even when we are ourselves doing nothing as we feel we should be doing something.
This affects our health, relationships, career, finances and sanity.
Life takes charge pushing and pulling constantly, causing us to feel sick, tired, overwhelmed, lost and pretty resentful to the world. We cannot MAKE time but we can always TAKE time, yet we waste it doing low priority tasks that leave us more stressed, resentful and sick – this is NOT why we exist.

The Solution
Join our GTL family and take the 1st step to restoring life balance by walking YOUR true path of health and wellness.
Most training programs focus solely on the physical component but our philosophy is to help your overall health which is reflected in our holistic program design. We encompass performance, play and pain management across movement, recovery, nutrition and mindset, for those who require support, understanding, education and FUN to restore life balance.
When we are balanced we are stress free and in control of our emotions, thus allowing us to make better conscious decisions to step up into who we truly are and inspire friends and family members to do the same.
We truly believe that through our unique services, products and network of health professionals we can help solve any problem you may have; allowing a life of health, vibrance, purpose and fulfilment.
The company name and tagline “takethe1ststep” was chosen specifically to highlight that life is a journey and not a destination. It should be 1 where we are clear, present and grateful for all we have – especially our health.
By focussing on 1 small achievable step at a time, we increase the chance of achievement of success, but more importantly seek longevity rather than the prevalent and impatient “quick fix” approach adopted by many.
Believe in yourself to take the 1st step, we do and we promise it is a journey you will never regret as you will receive unrivalled education, support and value but don’t take our word for it, book in and see us for a complimentary functional movement assessment and allow us to walk our talk.


GTL restores life balance via our 3 pillars of performance, play and pain free, resulting in fitter, stronger and freer moving bodies and minds.



  • GTL sessions are renowned for their fun, educational approach; whilst achieving results in a challenging and pain free environment.
  • GTL is the go to trusted brand for its ability to holistically restore life balance, merging personal development and physical fitness primarily.
  • We are a collective fit family who exercise and support each other in an accepting, inclusive and loving community; inspiring others to walk their path

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Challengers!! Are youuuuu ready??! 👊👊
To take your health by the proverbial balls and commit to being FITTER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER in body and mind?? ☯️

A fast and furious HIIT style Boxing session like this is just one of the many programs on offer in our upcoming 6 Week Challenge!
Not only will you get UNLIMITED weekly access to ALL of our group fitness classes, but you will also be provided with the tools to:
😴SLEEP better
☮️RECOVER faster
🥑Make informed NUTRITIONAL choices
✅Remain ACCOUNTABLE for your actions

And BEST OF ALL!! These resources have all been compiled in a way that allows you to break the quick-fix-curse and make LASTING lifestyle changes.

If this floats your boat, book in your preferred time for our initial discovery call below; or feel free to call or email me direct (details on the page) I look forward to helping you take the next step to better health, Coach Grace ✌️
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