The healer doesn’t have the power, YOU do!

11 May, 2017 | 0 comments

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Having yet another chat with a client today about their own personal ability to heal, it got me thinking.

How often do we relinquish our own personal power in all areas of our lives to others because we think they KNOW better?

When things get really tough in our external worlds, we tend to want to combat it with external help right?! We go and see the therapist, the counselor, the priest, the teacher, the medium, the healer…

We lose faith in our own ability to set ourselves straight and get ourselves back into balance. True healing, across many areas of our lives other than just the physical is ALWAYS an inside job.

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Luminescence by Sam Reid

It is so important to understand, these people that we seek in desperate times are only facilitators.

They simply communicate to our bodies, minds and souls in a different way to the way in which we have been communicating with ourselves to get a different result. But the result, comes from within. Without the true WILL to want change, change will not occur.

Healing only occurs when the one being healed allows it. Surrenders to their own innate power and ability, to allow what is needed to evolve and grow.

As a bowen and emmett therapist I would like to share some of my experiences as a healer. Every single person that comes to my table, responds differently. Yet, the moves I perform may change in sequence but never in technique.

Some resist.

Some surrender.

I trust that however that person responds, their body and soul will do what is needed for them at that exact point in time to assist as best it knows how. Sometimes, that may be to resist entirely. The problem they are coming to me with actually serves them in some capacity, more so than letting go of the problem would. So they hold on.

Some are so ready for change one simple move can relieve a lifetime of tension and angst.

Again, it is not me and my magic hands that create that change, it is their own willingness to let go of what no longer serves.

The power we have within is infinite.

Our body is one of the most complex, amazing pieces of divinity that has ever existed.

Never underestimate the ability your body has to get itself right.

However, your body responds to what it is exposed to.

If you live in a constant turmoil of stress and anxiety your body will defend on every level. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Your posture will change, your digestion will change, your sleep will be disturbed.

You are essentially exposing your body to a constant supply of danger; and when one is in danger, things like digestion and sleep are simply not important.

If you really want to heal yourself, become aware of what you are telling your body with your actions, thoughts, feelings.

Even if your external world is throwing curve balls left, right and centre be aware of your energy.

Stay responsible for your energy and know that any other state of being you adopt other than love is a choice; and you can choose differently whenever you like.

The power is within you at all times. The second you decide it lies with another, it does.

We all know when we find that place where we really want change, REALLY want change and we set an intention around that change, True healing can occur. And we don’t accept anything other than that.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, nobody said change can happen at the click of a finger. But it all starts and ends with YOUR will to really want it.

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Affirmation – All of my cells know what to do, in order to heal. Every one of my cells, is filled with wellness, health and vitality. I am the picture of positive energy and well being.

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