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Nutrition & movement like no other

How we choose to move is how we choose life. Movement is life……………….it is that simple.

Our choices should be based on our individual enjoyment which is why our Group Training Model is built on 3 pillars of performance, play and pain free; therefore whether you train for a specific result (performance), social connection (play) or rehab or prevention (pain free) we have you covered.

We are a company built on solid family values which is why our preferred training structure is in groups so we can create a like minded community to give people the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Our weekly timetable has  32 different times to train comprising of 10 different x 1 hour classes.

Class times are 5, 6 & 7pm Monday – Thursday and 5, 6, 7 and 9am Monday – Friday

The Specific Classes are:

– Circ-HIIT
These Sessions Run Thursday 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Traditional circuit training with a functional twist developing the 8 functional movements of the body within the 3 different planes of motion.
High energy, lots of different exercises and equipment and heaps of FUN.

– Fighting HIIT (Muay Thai, Padwork & Heavy Bags)
This is the ideal class for anyone looking to rediscover their primal movement patterns, improve mobility, have a play/roll around the mats in a non intrusive manner. You also get in our boxing ring and on the bags to train like a fighter without being hit in the face. Learn the technique, combinations and conditioning of a Boxer/ Muay Thai fighter without worrying about the injuries and ensuring you protect your posture. This class is a great stress reliever, heaps of fun and is amazing for body awareness. Check out some sample boxing action here

These Sessions Run Tuesday 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm and are the perfect HIIT session.

This class combines resistance training, proper technique and endurance with the Mental fortitude and inner drive needed to see how much SAFE volume you can do in a designated time frame.

– Spartan 300 (and 500)
These Sessions are an adaptation from the hit movie 300 where you perform 6 or 10 different exercises for 50 reps back to back with as little rest as possible, whilst ensuring proper form for time.
It is the ultimate class to build lean muscle and torch fat as it combines HIIT resistance, proper technique CV and muscular endurance with the Mental fortitude and inner drive needed to see how much SAFE volume you can do in a designated time frame.

The difference between the Spartans is in the 500 you focus on Reps and time with infrequent stoppages.
This is an alternate, yet similar to AMRAPs as it has slightly more of a weight training focus to offset the amount of bodyweight cardio with the Fighting-HIIT classes.


The 300 guys will be going for a testing yet achievable and safe weight for time – this differs significantly from your previous AMRAPs in the week with the stimulus of Personal Best time rather than set time.

Either way………You want results………..this is the 1 for you.

– Posterior Chain Strength
These Sessions Run Monday 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 5 pm, 6pm and 7pm.

They focus on the compound movements that primarily target the posterior chain of the body ie bent over row, deadlift, swings, cleans etc. but still give the whole body an indirect workout.
Physical Strength & Mental Strength go hand in hand in these sessions

– Anterior Chain Strength
These Sessions Run Wednesday 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.

They focus on the compound movements that primarily target the anterior chain of the body ie bench press, push press, squats, lunges etc. but still give the whole body an indirect workout.
Physical Strength & Mental Strength go hand in hand in these sessions.

– Whole Body Strength
These Sessions Run Friday 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.

They focus on compound movements such as Farmers Walks, Turkish Get Ups, Ring Dips, Bulgarian Split Squats etc. This is a great whole body strength workout to compliment the anterior and posterior focus previously completed in the weak.

Finish the week strong.

The depth of knowledge and expertise within ALL of these classes really is unparalleled and revolutionary compared to the typical programs that fill the industry.

However we prefer to focus on what we do and why……….your health, success and longevity.

You may initially seek fat loss, muscle tone and strength – and while we ensure these needs are met – it is the fun, friends and freedom you achieve that really solidifies our purpose and mission.

We offer different packages to suit your availability, budget and choice.

Our Group Training is cost effective, encouraging, highly motivating and acts as a strong support network as you meet people of similar interests, goals and fitness levels; allowing friendships in and out of the gym.

Choose our Bronze or Silver package for a purely exercise/movement focus


If you REALLY want to transform your health, choose either our Gold, Platinum or Diamond package that merge nutrition, mindset and movement as one………


We absolutely love our end of program 6 weekly accelerator sessions where you actively see, feel and absorb the energy as everyone supports each other and actually get more fulfilment from encouraging their training partner to lift than they do themselves – it is very selfless and very cool.

As are our interactive Success Sessions which ultimately act as a deload week where our clients have a bit of fun and choose what workouts they want to do for the week……………hey it is your goals after all!

However, to get to the level of comfort and confidence required to participate in the Group Training we do suggest you have a MINIMUM 2 weeks training 3 times a week 1 on 1, with any of our experienced coaches.

Here you will grasp and master the 8 essential functional movements of the human body as well as know the GTL systems and philosophies that guarantee your lasting results.

Click here to see a sample workout of the week incorporating the different movements and planes of motion our amazing bodies are capable of.

All our sessions are 60 mins long and broken down into:

  • Warm Up (15 mins) Foam rolling, Joint Activations, Breathing, Fun Games and More.
  • Main Content (30mins) HIIT or Strength Based Component
  • Cool Down (15 mins) Foam rolling, PNF stretching, Breathing/Meditation, Rehydration & Discussion

Bonus Class

– Saturday Charity Session
Your opportunity to give back to a charity we hold close to our hearts – Nutrition Plus+
http://www.nutritionplus.org.au/supportus  links to this weekly event can be found on our Gait to Life Facebook Page.
Choose from boxing with Grace Doyle of Gait to Life or Strength & Mobility with Clement Foot of Tactical Primitive.


Throughout the year we run 2 x 6 week challenges:
0-SEXTY in 6 Weeks for Fat Loss and the 42 Day Alpha Warrior Challenge for Strength.

Both challenges are 3 sessions per week and are designed for people that are looking to commit to a specific short term goal before committing to their long term vision; a canny approach and great strategy to increase confidence, body awareness and clarity of what area of health is really important to you.

As you can see, whatever your stage of readiness, previous experience or goal, we have you covered.

Book your free 14 day trial here and #takethe1ststep towards better health and a better life.

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Challengers!! Are youuuuu ready??! 👊👊
To take your health by the proverbial balls and commit to being FITTER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER in body and mind?? ☯️

A fast and furious HIIT style Boxing session like this is just one of the many programs on offer in our upcoming 6 Week Challenge!
Not only will you get UNLIMITED weekly access to ALL of our group fitness classes, but you will also be provided with the tools to:
😴SLEEP better
☮️RECOVER faster
🥑Make informed NUTRITIONAL choices
✅Remain ACCOUNTABLE for your actions

And BEST OF ALL!! These resources have all been compiled in a way that allows you to break the quick-fix-curse and make LASTING lifestyle changes.

If this floats your boat, book in your preferred time for our initial discovery call below; or feel free to call or email me direct (details on the page) I look forward to helping you take the next step to better health, Coach Grace ✌️
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