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What are the best supplements to take for fat loss? – not health………….fat loss.

This is a question I used to hear almost daily when I 1st started as a Coach almost 12 years ago.

I am grateful that this question is now somewhat rare, but it does pop up every now and again and I would like to show you why it is important to be aware of this “magic pill” approach.

The main problem is that you are looking for a quick fix to a long lasting problem and I am sorry to say that is naive and is a mindset that will NEVER work and actually retains illness.

What we seek is………….WELLNESS

Furthermore, the majority of companies that seek to provide you with fast acting solutions do so for their riches i.e. their company profits not to enrich your health and wellbeing.

Since we are so time poor we become overstressed and undernourished and such companies with no integrity see this as an opportunity to stimulate our quick fix conscious mind.

We must become smarter than our own and others’ brains and remember that slow and Steady wins the race.

Forget Quick Fixes and Remember Fast Nutrients!

Gait to Life are proud to work alongside top food coaches, biohackers, fermentation experts, nutritionists and superfood specialists (links to some are in this article) to ensure you are provided with science backed, credible information to REAL whole foods.

However, we are very much aware that in today’s fast paced world we have never been busier, which has a direct impact on our ability to eat high quality nutrient dense wholefoods, even if we knew how.

This is why we believe there must be a place for proper supplementation.

The key words here are:

  1. Proper
  2. Supplement(ation)

Proper meaning credible sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and organic compounds and supplement meaning to assist, NOT replace, an organic wholefood diet.

You see the Health & Fitness industry is consumed with far too many “magic” pills, powders, potions and lotions, claiming to rid fat, build muscle, feel younger etc. etc.

But not only are these claims false in most cases, their synthetic nature can be very harmful to the body and even cause or lead to disease and illness.

Top 10 Supplements to Take for Optimal Health and Well Being

Remember “Red Bull gives you wings”?

Well they are absolutely right……………

Consuming that amount of synthetic caffeine, artificial sugars such as aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose (all known carcinogens – cause cancer and excitotoxins – they “excite” neural cells to death) and artificial colours will most definitely fast track your commute to St. Peter.

P.S. Where does that “natural” colour come from? …………I dread to think.

If you are still not convinced whether to find an alternative to your weekend Jagerbomb or pre workout drink, google “Glucuronolactone” and see why the US government artificially manufactured this stimulant for their troops in the Vietnam war.

The deeper you to delve into the truth of the “food” or supplement industry the more disturbing it becomes and it would very easy to rhyme off a number of supplements to help bring the body back to homeostasis.

The purpose of this article however is not to scare but rather share the top 10 supplements (in order) we use to compliment our wholefood diet for Optimal Health and Wellbeing.

Every supplement we use in the below list is from science backed, credible companies that are all GMO free and organic and vegan wherever possible.

  1. Wholefood Concentrate
  2. Essential Oils
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Greens Powder (rich in Vitamin K)
  6. Iodine
  7. Ketone Salts
  8. Magnesium
  9. Vegan Protein
  10. Fish Oils

To reduce overwhelm and length of this article, we will detail a brief description of why each is so beneficial and where to get them – separate more specific blogs of each will be available soon.

  1. Wholefood Concentrate – Juice Plus+

Eating enough high quality, chemical free fruits and vegetables is the number 1 food priority for health, vitality and lasting fat loss and maintenance, yet so many of us struggle to eat the recommended 5-9 cups of fruits and vegetables every day.

We use Juice Plus+ Premium wholefood concentrate capsules every single day as it gives us a WHOPPING 26 servings of fruits, vegetables and berries as a base before we even eat our plant based diet.

This foundation of health reduced inflammation up to 94% and causes cravings for even more plants to really build our immune, and digestive systems.

Without question, Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched brand-name nutritional product on the market today and is backed by original and clinical scientific research, making it Gait to Life’s number 1 kitchen essential.

  1. Essential Oils – Doterra

While we know that a plant based diet is rich in healing properties, for the most part we still eat for taste and gratification. Now that we know better though imagine if we could take the nourishment of plants and amplify that for even more effective healing.

Step up………….Essential Oils.

Tiny Volatile Aromatic Compounds given off by nature’s plants are essential to the growth and preservation of everything in nature.

The distillation process of plant sources by Doterra allow us to experience a far superior and higher concentration and potency of healing plant extracts.

For example 1 drop of peppermint oil equates to roughly 25 cups of peppermint tea; same amount of nutrients but just far more practical and fast absorbing.

Explore the power of these amazing healing oils straight from mother nature’s apothecary  here

  1. Vitamin C – Shine

When we are sick we are typically guided towards increasing our vitamin C levels to get well.

It is closely linked to our immune health; but only scrapes the surface of how amazing this master vitamin is.

It repairs damaged tissues, limits the buildup of free radicals, makes collagen and maintains teeth, bones and helps master our stress hormones.

When we are stressed we release too much cortisol which then causes inflammation – the marker of all disease. Vitamin C helps control cortisol levels and deal with stress effectively.

You may or may not have heard the typical recommendation of Vitamin C to be 2,000 mg per day – typically 2 x 1000mg tablets – but this is in reference to Synthetic Vitamin C, whereas 1tsp of Shine from SuperHealth provides your body with 300-500mg NATURAL VITAMIN C.

Why Shine is so beneficial is that it contains The Kakadu Plum as 1 of it’s key ingredients which is the single natural food source with the highest vitamin C content on the planet.

Furthermore, Shine’s black pepper extract acts as potentiator for the digestive tract which simply means it enhances the uptake and absorption of the vitamin c and antioxidants.

  1. Vitamin D – Poliquin Vit D3 Excellence

It is safe to say as a species we are highly deficient in Vitamin D since it is naturally produced when the body is exposed to sunlight and/or from proper Wholefood nutrition.

We are typically deficient in both as we spend much of our shorter sunlight day’s hibernating. We are mostly indoors at work, home or in the car, causing immobility and unwanted fat storage.

Vitamin D is responsible for a number of key roles in the body such as: optimal bone, colon, kidney and immune health as well as being closely linked to mental and reproductive health.

Charles Poliquin’s Vit D3 excellence supplement is our favourite to top back up our fallen levels.

We have been told that too much Vitamin D can leave us toxic but that is only because it depletes us of Vitamin K2, which if replaced is not an issue, see below and on the Poliquin Group website for their Mega D3 supplement.

  1. Greens Powder (rich in Vitamin K) – Revive

When we become so deficient in nutrients our body craves extra help from “superfoods”.

Unlike most greens (typically comprising of wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella) Greens Powder Revive from Superhealth here in Perth, Australia is a Superfood Cocktail.

It is a blend of: algaes, grasses, berries, maca, MSM, seaweeds, and even the Australian wild superfood the Kakadu Plum for some extra Vitamin C.

I am a big fan of the Vitamin K levels particularly as they ensure the Vitamin K lost from Vitamin D supplementation is adequately replaced; ensuring a number of health benefits particularly retention of calcium in our bones to keep us strong and mobile.

Also I am a huge fan of Chlorella which Kate Forsyth explains beautifully in her latest blog post here

  1. Iodine –

Iodine is essential to life as it plays a central role in the healthy function of your thyroid gland.

While our hearts are the engine of our bodies, our thyroid is the accelerator – we need it to go, especially young children as it is crucial for brain development.

The biggest problem is that it is not readily available from land based food sources, and sorry to say iodised table salt is does not cut it, in fact it has been found to have an adverse impact.

Good quality iodine rich foods exist predominantly in the ocean from seaweeds, kelp and fish.

Simone at introduced me to iodine supplementation – Drinking 2-3 drops in a cold-pressed juice once daily, which I highly recommend for us all.

  1. Ketone Salts – Pruvit Keto O/S

Ketones are traditionally only produced from essential fatty acids during times of prolonged fasting or whilst intermittently fasting from carbs aka glucose/ sugars.

Our bodies were meant to burn ketones since we are born into a state of ketosis.

Furthermore, Ketones give you 38% more energy than glucose and can have amazing effects on the body such as:

  1. Fat loss
  2. Fast and sustained energy
  3. Reduced brain fog
  4. Improved strength
  5. Deeper sleep
  6. Better skin complexion
  7. Improved digestion and gut health

Click here where you can request a 5 day sample of pure therapeutic ketones and improve your ability to burn fat.

  1. Magnesium – Doctor’s Best Magnesium Powder

While we only need small amounts of magnesium it should be noted that everyday functions such as exercise, hormone production and even heartbeat regulation deplete our body’s natural magnesium stores.

Replacing these stores with appropriate wholefoods is difficult since we have insufficient nutrition in the soils in which they are grown; leading to digestion problems, illnesses and diseases inhibiting our ability to absorb magnesium.

Magnesium is connected to and counterbalances other nutrients such as calcium, vitamin K and Vitamin D and is important for recovery from exercise and helps promote better sleep; which is why we recommend Doctor’s Best Magnesium Powder from

  1. Vegan Protein- Juice Plus+ Complete

Protein breaks down into amino acids which are essential to build new cells and maintain optimal function of our cells and organs.

Supplementing with excessive high levels of Protein, especially from Whey Protein Shakes (the dregs of the curd, also usually flavoured with artificial sugars) can have detrimental effects on the body.

Juice Plus Complete however is a Vegan Protein and is a proprietary blend of water washed NON GMO Soy, ancient grains, organic cane sugar and stevia. It also contains all 12 Essential Amino Acids and is our go to post workout meal for it’s balance of fats, proteins and carbs.

Simply put there is no better complete protein on the market.

  1. Fish Oils –

Fish Oil Supplementation has become a very popular recommendation over the past 25 years specifically for it’s benefits for the nervous system leading to better heart health and cognitive function.

However given that the fish industry has become heavily farmed, sporting grain fed, highly toxic, heavy metal fish, we at Gait to Life are not convinced of the benefits of fish oil supplementation as much.

That being said our nervous system does need some TLC so if you are looking for a good quality fish oil, source 1 that has a high content of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid).

DHA is the 97% omega3 fish oil present in the brain, therefore, higher levels of DHA than EPA are preferred for overall health and wellbeing.

We prefer to use Krill Oil as the DHA and EPA are more readily absorbed than fish oil and the naturopaths at are our local go to trusted sources.

I would like to finish off by reiterating our website disclaimer that everything in our blogs are recommendations based on personal experience and before embarking on any health journey you should always consult with your physician.

The take home message should be always seek your nutrition from organic wholefoods but where required after adequate testing, supplement from a trusted company with integrity.

If you have found this compilation interesting or believe it could benefit someone you care about please share, tag, like and comment.

If you would like to know more please feel free to comment or send me a personal email to where I would love to help you further.

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