Weight Loss for the Mind and Body

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Weight loss…………the misconceived goal that stops hundreds of thousands of women, and men, all over the world from living a life of joy, fulfillment and gratitude.

If you are a follower of Gait to Life you will have heard us say many times that unless you are a fighter or competitor within a weight class, you really have no concern with weight loss.

You will also hear us say that most people actually want “Fat Loss” when they talk about “Weight Loss”.

At our consultations you will then hear us ask “What does your Dream body look like?”

We tell our potentials and clients that this is a far wiser approach and if you can get an image physically and mentally, of someone you aspire to look like or a past photo of yourself, have it in your mind’s eye and on the fridge, it can serve as a last minute intervention before making negative emotional food and life choices.

However what still has not been addressed is the emotional thoughts as to why this is so high on your conscious priority list?

What we need to do is shift your perspective around body image and instead work on mental rehearsal, mental imagery and mental affirmations to let go of the heavy burden of our subconscious saboteur.

We call this “Mental Weight Loss”.

weight loss

Clear mental baggage around weight loss

At Gait to Life we NEVER want to be intrusive of your emotional state or mental well-being, which is why our onboarding process is very relaxed and completely at the pace of you, the client.

We will detail our process in this blog which will show our point of difference and how the design simultaneously educates but relieves mental weight.

This allows us to build a relationship with each other, but more so for you to build a better relationship with yourself.

For any relationship to work, there needs to be:

  • Clear communication
  • Points of commonality
  • Mutual and reciprocal effort
  • Trust

This is why we believe on taking you on 3 dates 1st to really connect and lose some of that mental weight.

  • 1st date – telephone discovery call
  • 2nd date – online consultation
  • 3rd date – functional movement assessment and body scan

1st Date
To save time, travel and overwhelm, the 1st date is a 15 minute telephone discovery call, where apart from a few guided questions, you talk and we listen.

We want you to feel comfortable, clear and understood re your current mental weight, physical weight and true goals.

You will also find out exactly what we do so that you can trust your intuition as to whether we are the best people to help or not.

Too often we see trainers and coaches overplay their part, when the goal/ problem is completely outside their skill-set.


Health should always be educational within the capabilities and pedigree of the coach – NEVER gambled upon; our policy is always to uphold our integrity with our services and products but



I must say though between our products, serviceS and amazing network of allied professionals we truly believe there is no problem we cannot assist you with.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh………….some mental weight lost already.

2nd Date
After the success of our 1st date we look to reconnect with you as soon as possible – sometimes the 1st and 2nd date can roll into 1, but this is always at the pace and decision of you.

On our 2nd date it is our turn to find out more in depth info. on what you do, where you wanna be and why.

Our non intrusive set of questions allow you to ask deeper questions of yourself to enable greater clarity of why you want what you say you want, so we can really identify the appropriate 1st step towards better health for you.

This process of limitless thought and creation of YOUR future, allows you to really to let go of any mental blockages you may have had previous.

3rd Date
By this stage our excitement levels are through the roof and we want to meet you in person to thank you face to face for your time and your courage in taking the 1st 2 steps.

We give a complementary functional movement assessment and full body composition scan to show our appreciation for your time.

The movement assessment and body scan highlight underlying physical issues that you were completely unaware of, while our empathetic coaches actively remind you to work on your mental weight by being kind towards yourself no matter what the assessments show.

They are purely a baseline measurement for future success not an anchor to an emotional guilty past.

Some examples of the information you will leave with are:

  • Postural assessment – allows us to instantly see where you are/will over compensate muscles and movements
  • Range of motion – mobility capability as a result of modern world stresses
  • Reactive Pain tests – bodyweight test to see if the power is on and your muscles are communicating
  • Body Fat mass – a detailed marker of your total weight in terms of fat alone
  • Lean Muscle Mass –  a detailed marker of your total weight in terms of muscle alone
  • Visceral Fat Area – The harmful abdominal fat that surrounds your vital organs
  • Age – NOT chronological age, but “biological age or metabolic age” – suggests how fast your body is wearing out compared with others born in the same year.

We get that this is a lot of information when you are really after transformation but we want to give you an accurate insight of the expected duty of care we provide.

The real beauty of this date is not in the information but the opportunity to really lose some mental weight by answering any questions you may still have and allowing us to connect in person.

Worried about being weighed and prodded or having your photograph taken?

There is no need…..we do not take photographs nor do we use inaccurate, intrusive or embarrassing scales or calipers.

We instead use our in depth full body scanner which takes ONLY  3 minutes to give you all the aforementioned data and more.

GBX Prodigy_ImageAs well as the invasion of privacy and personal space from body fat calipers their results can vary dramatically also, whereas our machine does not lie.

The intricate tangible data successfully allows us to shift our mindset and align with your true goals.

You will typically shift your goals from “weight loss” to “fat loss” to “changing shape” whilst also connecting deeper to self as to why you want to achieve such results.

It also shows muscle and water weight which further improves our mental weight since it is common in the Gait to Life exercise program to put on weight via lean muscle, whilst simultaneously losing body fat and transforming your physical shape.

By mentally understanding the data from the machine we can improve:

  • metabolism
  • emotional state and intelligence
  • sleep
  • mental clarity of what we want and why want it – what will transformation give us, why is this important?
  • hormonal balance
  • appreciation for selves and others

So…………………. Are we Facebook official yet?
Whether we get to build a long lasting relationship at this point or not, we will send you an e-mail with 3 FREE gifts to help sleep, diet and habit transformation as a token of our appreciation for your time, effort and honesty.

You will receive:

  • Rest Your Way to 6 Pack Abs E-Book
  • How to Plate Up E-Book
  • 7 Morning Essentials Checklist

And don’t worry we won’t be that needy partner that chases you for attention, when you are ready, we are here for you.

We hope this blog has helped give a little insight into what we do and why at the initial stage and alleviates any mental stress you may have regarding taking the 1st step on your improved health journey.

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